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How Ambitious Women Can Have Successful Careers and Happy Families

By Melissa Leon

As a child absorbing the rules of the patriarchal society and coming to understand what the derogatory term “bitch” meant, I learned as a girl that I should never be …

The Short and Long-Term Effects of Trauma on a Refugee’s Life

By Aida Šibić

The life of a refugee is incredibly complex. It takes enormous strength and courage to make a life-altering decision to flee your home country. I know because nearly three decades …

How I Recorded and Launched My Book on Audible

By Brett Keirstead

Like many first-time authors, writing and publishing my book, We Are All Sales, People, was a passion project that I had to work into my “normal life.” Although getting the …

Overcoming the Fear of a One-Star Book Review

By Melanie Aubert

I had just hung up with Dr. Laura Bush, my book editor. She and I had spent the last hour talking about the structure of my book and bounced ideas around …

Sex Education

By Mukee Okan

I have always had orgasms—many orgasms daily—and I have loved to orgasm since I can remember. Even with two younger sisters and three years in between each of us, I …

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