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Overcoming the Fear of a One-Star Book Review

By Melanie Aubert

I had just hung up with Dr. Laura Bush, my book editor. She and I had spent the last hour talking about the structure of my book and bounced ideas around …

Sex Education

By Mukee Okan

I have always had orgasms—many orgasms daily—and I have loved to orgasm since I can remember. Even with two younger sisters and three years in between each of us, I …

My Mom: Solid as a Rock

By Dr. Laura Bush

Dear Mom, Since you know I love you forever and always, on this Mother’s Day, I wanted to tell you about a few things I’ve learned from you. First, you …

Why You Should Take Source Citation Seriously

By Wendy Ledger

Perhaps you remember this task from school. You had to write a term paper or a thesis, and your professor explained that you had to cite your sources, pointing you …

Choosing the Best Transcription Services for Your Writing Project

By Wendy Ledger

One strategy for getting your book written is “talking” your ideas into your phone or a digital recorder and then having that recording transcribed. For entrepreneurs on-the-go or for those …

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