Haven’t finished writing your book yet? Too overwhelmed with important responsibilities that keep you from fulfilling your dream of writing a book?

If you’re a successful entrepreneur, seasoned executive, sought-after speaker, or influential community leader, then you’ve come to the right place.

Using our top-notch ghostwriting services, you can get your book written with greater ease than you might think.

And we’ll produce a superior quality book that sounds just like you. Think of a ghostwriter as your co-writer, collaborator, and highly skilled editor who does all the heavy lifting for busy people that long to share their expertise, wisdom, and life experience in the form of a book.

Capturing Your Voice

Experienced ghostwriters know how to write in someone else’s voice. We record and listen to what you say, as well as how you say it.

We read samples of your writing and capture your personality by imitating your voice, your style, your tone, and your diction in writing. (Heck, we can even amp up your voice and your style!)

To make sure we get it right, you’ll give us corrections and feedback on any writing we do for you. This helps us learn more about you until we hear you say things like, “That sounds just like me,” or “I can hear myself in what you’ve written.”

You Are the Author

Sometimes a ghostwriter will share a “by-line” with an author if the author chooses that option. But very often, a ghostwriter’s name will not appear on the book. After all, that’s the whole reason for hiring a “ghost.”

In reality, YOU are the source of the content (the stories, ideas, expert knowledge, wisdom, and perspective), and thus, YOU are the author of your book.


Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostwriters!

We ghostwriters have an image problem, and not just because “ghost” is in the name. The problem is legitimacy. We’re a little like the hired guns in the old westerns—a …

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