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What Being Nonbinary Means to Me

By Drew Sharkey

The topic of gender identity has always fascinated me, but it’s become a thorny subject in our current social climate. Emotions are high, disinformation is everywhere, and real human lives …

The Importance of Show and Tell in Memoir 

By Chelsey Drysdale

You’ve probably heard the writing advice “show don’t tell,” but both showing and telling are necessary. If you’re writing a memoir, you’ll need to determine when to inform readers (tell …

3 Steps to Land a Book Signing at a Bookstore

By Dr. Laura Bush

Most self-published authors would love to land a book signing at a well-known, national bookstore like Barnes & Noble or a well-established independent bookstore like Changing Hands in Phoenix, Arizona. …

Pricing Your Book and the Royalties You Can Expect

By Eric V. Van Der Hope

Ever wonder what price you should set for your book? Do you know the difference between the list price and the sales price? If you’ve written a book, you’ll want …

An Angel Is Summoned

By Kim L. Shipe

A car slammed into me from behind while I was waiting outside Denmo’s for the food I’d just ordered for my kids. The next thing I knew, I was inside …

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