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Writing a Legacy Business Book

By James Thole and Dr. Laura Bush

You might be wondering what we mean by a “legacy business book.” When done well (which can be tricky), it’s a mashup or hybrid of a memoir and business book. …

Hunting for True Wealth

By Dave Young

When I was younger, I thought money was freedom and happiness. The assumption that more money will make us happier is etched into our collective consciousness. It’s so basic that …

Your Home for the Holidays

By Amber White

Despite our poverty, my mother made Christmas special in our childhood home in North Carolina. She would scour the local Wal-Mart and dollar stores to create magnolia-themed Christmas trees and …

In the Addiction and Rewiring My Brain

By Ally Rae Pesta

At just seventeen years old, Ally Rae Pesta was diagnosed with a complex eating disorder. In her memoir, Beyond My Body: Recovering from a Complex Eating Disorder, Reclaiming Movement, and …

What Being Nonbinary Means to Me

By Drew Sharkey

The topic of gender identity has always fascinated me, but it’s become a thorny subject in our current social climate. Emotions are high, disinformation is everywhere, and real human lives …

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