Writing a Legacy Business Book

Written by James Thole and Dr. Laura Bush
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You might be wondering what we mean by a “legacy business book.” When done well (which can be tricky), it’s a mashup or hybrid of a memoir and business book.

Someone writing a traditional memoir, for example, tells stories about their personal experiences and significant events of their life to provide a well-focused, introspective account of their journey.

In contrast, someone writing a traditional business book focuses on offering their expert guidance and unique theories or strategies for building a successful business or some aspect of business: leadership, time management, scaling, building a diverse workforce, etc.

Many late-stage, semi-retired, or retired entrepreneurs and business professionals, however, want to tell their life story while also mentoring younger versions of themselves. People often ask these seasoned experts for advice about how they achieved their success. But the structure of a traditional memoir doesn’t readily lend itself to teaching business lessons. And the structure of a traditional business book doesn’t always allow business leaders to tell their personal stories with the depth they deserve.

Thus, the legacy business book—a combination of memoir and business lessons—is born. By offering more than just business strategies, these books can appeal to a wide audience, providing life lessons, mentoring, and inspiration drawn from a successful leader’s real-life experiences from their professional and personal life.

If you’ve reached a point in your life where success is no longer about striving and achieving, but about leaving a lasting impact on the next generation, then you’re someone with the earned wisdom to write a legacy business book.

You’re also likely someone who has always wanted to write a book (or have bits and pieces of an incomplete book), but you haven’t had the time or the know-how to get it finished!

How to Get a Legacy Book Written

Many author-experts don’t start writing their book because they don’t know where to begin or they’ve started and stopped writing their book, usually over many years. These authors also want to write a book they can be proud of and that actually makes a difference for readers. The reality, however, is that a majority of well-crafted, nonfiction books are not technically written by the author. Successful experts hire professional writers, also known as ghostwriters, to collaborate with them to write a must-read book. A great example is financial advisor Dave Young’s book, Hunting for True Wealth.

As the author, your expertise and life experience form the backbone of your book. You are the source of the stories, lessons, and insights. When you hire a professional ghostwriter, you’re still the visionary who sets the tone, direction, and purpose of the book. Your personal journey, philosophy, and business insights are what give the book its unique flavor and value. You won’t just be recounting events or lessons learned. You’ll be working in conversation with a pro about how to best educate, inspire, and guide others.

While you provide the raw material, we ghostwriters are experts in writing and structuring books. We help you transform your ideas and experiences into a cohesive and engaging narrative. We do this by collaborating closely with you to ensure your voice, tone, and message are accurately captured and conveyed. This collaboration involves us organizing the content, refining the ideas, and sometimes even conducting additional research to supplement your experiences. Our professional skills in storytelling, structure, and clarity are what make your book accessible and compelling to your audience.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book for years and you still haven’t found the time to write it, there’s no more time to waste. Professional ghostwriters can give you back time by helping you actually write and finish your book! The next generation wants and needs to hear from you.

James Thole is a certified business ghostwriter with a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and media arts from the University of Arizona. James specializes in working with entrepreneurs, business owners, and founders to craft a book that enables them to achieve their goals, whether to attract more clients, book paid speaking engagements, create online courses, increase their consulting opportunities, or pass on their wisdom and expertise.

Dr. Laura Bush is CEO and Founder of Peacock Proud Press. She works as a publisher, writing coach, editor, and ghostwriter to help entrepreneurs, speakers, corporate leaders, and autobiographers write and publish high quality books that transform the lives of authors and their readers.

Written by James Thole and Dr. Laura Bush