The Joy and Fulfillment of Publishing a Book

Written by Dr. Peggy Doherty DeLong

In 2020, I left behind a lucrative career as a forensic psychologist. I simply could not testify in one more child abuse case. While rewarding and purposeful, 15+ years in the field had taken a toll on my well-being. Now I’m very grateful that I listened to my heart and said, “No more.” 

When my contract came up for renewal and I declined to renew, that decision opened up more time and space to do what I love—writing and sharing ideas for cultivating gratitude and joy in our lives, to live life more fully every day, and to help get us through our darkest days. 

Writing and publishing my books with Peacock Proud Press has played a key role in my fulfillment and success in this career shift. All the writing, revising, editing, and reworking of both manuscripts was well worth the effort. I have been able to touch hundreds of lives with my message. In addition, the courage and commitment required to complete these endeavors have provided me with a wonderful sense of accomplishment and have also served as inspiration for my clients to do the same. 

Recently I woke up and received a message from a friend who purchased my book, FEELING Good. I’m grateful knowing that she found it so useful that she ordered five more copies for her family members. I’m also grateful that three years after publishing my memoir, I Can See Clearly Now, I continue receiving messages about how my story is still providing hope for those who are grieving or going through a difficult time in their lives. 

The past few years sharing my experiences and ideas have been wonderful, JOYful experiences. Publishing my books has opened up many doors for me: keynote speaking for large conferences, guest appearances on podcasts, guest blogs, and holding my own retreats and in-person workshops. I was also invited to be a speaker at the World Gratitude Summit with Jack Canfield and Hal Elrod, two New York Times best-selling authors. In addition, publishing these two books has enhanced my work with my individual clients and provided the material for offering my online FEELING Good program. 

I’m grateful for Laura Bush and the experience, wisdom, knowledge, and integrity of her team at Peacock Proud Press. They’ve helped me realize my lifelong dream of becoming a published author and a feeling of fulfillment that my lucrative career couldn’t buy. 

Dr. Peggy Doherty DeLong, The Gratitude Psychologist, teaches people how to harness the power of gratitude and joy through her online community, speaking engagements, books, and bracelets. In addition to writing Feeling Good: Thirty-Five Ways to Happiness, Even During Tough Times, Peggy is the author of I Can See Clearly Now: A Memoir about Love, Grief, and Gratitude and a Gratitude Journal.

Written by Dr. Peggy Doherty DeLong