Protect Your Time to Write

Written by Dr. Laura Bush

Do you schedule regular writing time on your calendar so that your book or blog or LinkedIn article gets out in the world? If you answered “no” to this question, you’re not alone. Many would-be authors struggle to carve out time to write–even me!

But to get your writing finished, you MUST protect your time to write. I often see book writing programs claim you can write a book in a weekend, or they even promise that you can write, publish, and achieve bestseller status in just 90 days. Don’t believe them!

Writing and publishing a high quality book that will engage your readers’ interest and make a REAL difference in the world will take your commitment (scheduled writing time) and real effort (being willing to write, revise, be supported, and be held accountable).

As a published author and an experienced book writing coach, I ease the writing process for writers and even do my best to make writing fun! Credible book writing services and programs will help ensure you write and publish a book that you can be proud of.

English author Neil Gaiman says, “There are no rules. Do whatever you have to do to get to the end of the thing you’re writing.” I agree. Busy entrepreneurs come up with many ways to get to the end of whatever they’re writing.

In reality, you have a writing process that works for you. Often, however, your business, your family, or your career will demand so much of your time and attention that the only way to protect your time is to take yourself out of your usual environment and escape, even for just a weekend, either on your own or with a group as part of a writing retreat.

Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones nails it when she says, “[I]f you want to write, you have to just shut up, pick up a pen, and do it. I’m sorry there are no true excuses. This is our life. Step forward. Maybe it’s only for ten minutes. That’s okay. To write feels better than all the excuses.”

Regardless of how you finish your own writing, I know the best way to make sure it gets done is to protect (i.e. schedule) your time to write. I invite you to do that now.

Dr. Laura Bush is CEO and Founder of Peacock Proud Press. She works as a publisher, writing coach, editor, and ghostwriter to help entrepreneurs, speakers, corporate leaders, and autobiographers write and publish high quality books that transform the lives of authors and their readers.

Written by Dr. Laura Bush